Dr. Adams Now Offers Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Top Chiropractor in Dallas

Considered to be a top chiropractor in Dallas, Dr. Curtis Adams and his team at Progressive Integrated Healthcare are paving the way in restoring good health to patients who have previously suffered from pain.  Dr. Adams uses both advanced and traditional treatment solutions to improve each patient’s quality of life.  “It is more than a mission,” says Dr. Adams.  “It is my passion.”

Live Pain Free

There is no need to live in pain.  Progressive Integrated Healthcare can help.  Many people try to manage pain on their own.  Dr. Adams has the experience and expertise to properly diagnose and treat back pain, neck pain and knee pain, as well as headaches, migraines and trigger points.

Tailored Treatments

We realize every patient is different and their response to treatment is different.  We take the time to understand each patient’s medical history, identify the source of their pain, and then tailor a treatment plan specific to them. It is our goal to help our patients experience pain relief so that they can get back to their daily activities.

Verified Patient Feedback

Stem Cell Therapy in Dallas

One of the more exciting advances in regenerative treatments is stem cell therapy. Stem cells can be used to treat many different areas of joint pain such as the shoulders, hips, knees, and the back. Dr. Adams has the experience and expertise to evaluate the location of your pain and determine if you are a candidate for stem cell treatments.

Pain Management Services

Living in pain is debilitating. It makes it difficult to function and often times has an undesirable impact on quality of life. With today’s advancements in pain care, you don’t have to live in constant pain. Let us help. Dr. Adams and his team at Progressive Integrated Healthcare offer pain management treatments in Dallas to help you enjoy life again by managing, reducing or even eliminating your pain.

Motor Vehicle Accident Care

Whether you’ve had a minor fender bender or a violent crash, motor vehicle accidents can have devastating effects on different parts of the body. When treating patients involved in motor vehicle accidents, it is not uncommon to treat injuries from whiplash, fractures, muscle tears and strains. Using the latest medical advances, Dr. Adams puts together treatment plans to help each of his patients get back to health.

Family Medicine Services

Dr. Adams is not only a highly sought-after chiropractor, he has also undergone rigorous training to become a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner.  Because of this distinction, he is able to integrate family medicine services that are dedicated to treating the whole person. That dedication translates into an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship that is focused on integrated healthcare. Regardless of gender or age, Dr. Adams and his experienced medical team provide treatment solutions that work.

Conditions and Treatments

Dr. Adams has quickly established himself as one of the top chiropractors in Dallas, TX. Having completed rigorous training as both a Chiropractor and as a Nurse Practitioner, he offers a unique perspective for diagnosing, managing and treating pain. Some of the chiropractor conditions and treatments we specialize in are:

Conditions Treated

  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Whiplash
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Sciatica
  • Tendonitis

Treatments Offered

Scheduling an Appointment

Dr. Curtis Adams and his team at Progressive Integrated Healthcare in Dallas are accepting new patients. Please call our clinic at (972) 587-7246 to schedule an appointment or use our convenient online form to ask about an appointment.


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What a great place to get well, friendly atmosphere, they have a great team on board. A doctor that really cares for your well being and wants to get you back to where you were before you came through their doors… I would have to recommend them time and time again.


Happy Patient

Normally recovery is a tedious and painful process. Through mastery of their craft and positivity, Dr. Adams and his staff made the whole ordeal enjoyable. His knowledge and expertise are second to none and I constantly felt that he genuinely cared for my well being.


Grateful Patient