Treatments for Auto Accident Pain

Auto Accident Pain TreatmentsPain resulting from a car accident injury can be extremely stressful and at times debilitating. It can keep you from performing your normal daily routines. Untreated it can worsen, possibly becoming permanent. Regardless if the automobile accident is minor or major, your whole life can be turned upside down.

At Progressive Integrated Healthcare, Dr. Adams and his team has the experience and expertise to properly diagnose pain and provide treatments that manage the pain caused by an automobile accident.

Letter of Protection

If the accident is caused by another person’s negligence, and your medical bills are piling up, your attorney may issue a Letter or Protection. A Letter of Protection is a legal agreement between you and the doctor requesting that the doctor hold their bills with a promise to pay the doctor out of the proceeds of the case.

We Accept Letters of Protection

Dr. Adams and the team at Progressive Integrated Healthcare work with many different law firms and their Letter of Protection documents. Our team will work with your attorney and their Letter of Protection in lieu of payment at the time of service.

Treatments for Auto Accidents

During your initial consultation, Dr. Adams will access the source of pain to recommend a proper treatment plan. Whether the pain from your injuries involves joints, muscles, whiplash or is migraine related, we have the expertise to properly treat you.

Accepting New Patients

If you are experiencing pain related from an auto accident and looking for a doctor who will properly treat you, Dr. Adams is your best choice. To schedule an appointment, call our clinic at (972) 587-7246 or use our convenient online appointment request form.

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